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Bob Rizzo
Bob Rizzo recently received the Artistic Achievement Award from Chicago National Association of Dance Masters. He also received a lifetime achievement award from the National Association of Dance and Affiliated Arts. His Company, Riz-Biz Productions is one of the leading producers of educational dance videos in America. Bob has taught professional dance classes in New York City for over 25 years in such studios as Broadway Dance Center, STEPS on Broadway, Peridance and The David Howard Dance Center. In addition, he has taught in Europe and for the undergraduate program at New York University. His products have been featured in national publications such as Glamour, ELLE, In Touch, & OK magazines. As a director and choreographer his credits include over 200 Musicals for the New York Stage, national tours and summer stock. For television his work has been seen in commercials for Verizon, Levis 501 Jeans, Kellogg’s Pop Tarts and Teddy Grahams. He also had the distinction of being choreographer for three popular Soap Operas; All My Children, The Guiding Light and As The World Turns. Bob was featured on the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine which hailed him as the “teacher’s teacher”, and is happy to serve on the Advisory Board of Dance Spirit Magazine!
Riz-Biz Productions
Bob Rizzo's Riz-Biz Productions has become synonymous with New York dance. Whether day or night, New York is always buzzing with activity, from Times Square to the Village and from Brooklyn to the Bronx. So, what holds this town together? What keeps it rushing on? Dynamic individuals like Bob Rizzo, who knows what they want and what New York has to offer.

So who is Bob Rizzo and what did he want? Quite frankly, to create the best instructional dance videos around. With a long-standing career as an international dancer, choreographer and teacher, Rizzo got up every morning and put on his dance shoes. He traveled around the city and he traveled around the country. He traveled to Western Europe and as far East as Japan. And everywhere Bob went, the message was the same, the world longed to learn the latest styles and steps coming out of New York. So in 1989, Rizzo accepted the challenge, and founded Riz-Biz Productions. Now, nearly twenty years later, Rizzo has succeeded in becoming one of the leading producers of instructional dance videos in the country.

With a catalog boasting over 75 titles, Bob's videos are a favorite in dance studios and schools across the nation. An estimated 25,000 teachers now use Bob's videos in their classrooms and feature his original choreography in their workshops and recitals. So, what makes Riz-Biz videos so great? Is it their hot new styles or their exciting steps? Is it their easy to follow instruction or their show stopping flair ? Fortunately, you don't have to choose. Whether Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop or Swing, Rizzo's videos are as dynamic and entertaining from the first minute to the last. And then there are the teachers ! Rizzo is the only one in the world to employ top New York and Los Angeles dancers and choreographers on all his videotapes. That's right, Today’s Top Teachers teaching you the latest in choreography and technique.

With instruction shown from both front and rear view, the videos are fun, clear, and easy to follow. On each tape, simple warm-ups give way to more challenging routines, allowing all levels of dancers to move across the floor. It's about time that a single producer has catered to everyone's needs, from beginner dancer to the Broadway star.

Learn the steps of tomorrow from the stars of today, and find out why the dance world is saying, "Bob Rizzo's got a video for you."

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